Who is this Kat?

A little about myself, I was born and raised in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, hence “The Good Land” in my blog name. To quote Alice Cooper in the 1992 Wayne’s World, “the name Milwaukee comes from the Algonquin word millioke, meaning “the good land.”

The kitty part is a nickname that has stuck around since high school. And it perfectly embodies me. I am shy and cautious but also curious and sassy at times. And I’m always serving major cattitude. Yes, I said cattitude. It’s a feeling of prestige and sophistication without being conceited. 

Now back to the blog. I’ve always loved fashion and makeup and use it to express my personality and moods. I’m a huge foodie and come from a family that loves to cook. And my home is my sanctuary and I love for it to feel comfy and cozy. I hope you enjoy what I share and let me know if you want to see anything!

Past Blog Posts

Quarantine Date Ideas

During this weird time, we’re all trying to adjust. And that means adjusting how you normally do dates! If you’re quarantined with your significant other, setting aside the time to still have date night (or day) is important. It helps create a sense of normal and gives you something to look forward to. So I …

Kitty’s Avocado Toast

1 piece of whole wheat bread 1/2 half of avocado mashed up 1 tablespoon of crumbles of goat cheese 1 egg (I like mine fried over medium) However many dashes of hot sauce (I like Cholula) Salt and pepper Hope you enjoy!