Halloween Decor

I started decorating the inside of my home for Halloween in September. And no, that is not to early. I love Halloween, it’s my favorite holiday next to Christmas. And I have always wanted to decorate my whole home for it. My mom had decorations for every season and holiday, but for Halloween she would simply fill our home with pumpkins. I always wanted to take it up a notch. And this year I finally feel like I have in my own home.

The Witches Liar:

My dining room is decked out with potion bottles and “flying” brooms and witch’s hat. I have a potion’s and spell’s book. Skulls displayed throughout and a “haunted” candle stick. Most of these decorations are from Michael’s but I did score some of those $1 potion bottles from Target’s Bullseye section. I love those things! Such an easy and affordable way to decorate and they don’t take up too much space. I also used spiderweb to a create an even spookier vibe fit for any witch.

Boris and his friends:

My living room is where Boris and his friends hang. Boris is a spider by the way. He famously has a song written after him. His webs are spun throughout our living room and he hangs with his friend Inky, the Raven. Inky is perched atop our bookcase watching over us as we dive into all the horror films we can. Along with these mysterious creatures are our friendly bats bursting from their cave.

This was such a fun way to celebrate Halloween this year. It brought a lot of the spooky elements we would normally get from a haunted house to our own home. Next year I’m hoping to really nail the outdoor decorations too. I only put our some tombstones and skeletons this year. Maybe I’ll create a whole graveyard next year? Complete with a coffin.

Hope everyone has a safe and happy Halloween from me and our headless butcher!

Happy Halloween from our very own headless butcher!

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