Christmas Decor

Hello all! Can’t believe it’s almost that time of year again. With Christmas less than 40 days away I have been getting my Christmas decorations in order. I bought quite a few pieces last year and plan to use them all again. But having a bigger place now I bought a few more items to help get the new place in the festive spirit.

Bright colors

My Christmas color scheme is less traditional. I enjoy a brighter pallete which includes more than just red and green. This whole whole pallete came about last year when I was at AtHome. They had a holiday collection called “Festive Folk” which I absolutely fell in love with. The collection was influenced by Scandinavian Christmas decor. This style influenced me to use plenty of playful colors. Textures such as wool, yarn, and felt are often included in Scandiavian Christmas decor. I have pom-pom yarn garland, along with yarn tassels I hang arounf my home. It truly adds a lot of brightness we would normally not have in our decor.

Bottle Brush Trees

I also keep my decor fairly simply, since everything is so brightly colored. My main source of decoration is bottle brush trees. And they seemed to have stayed for this year’s holiday decor. I can find them almost every place I look. I have an assortment in size and color. And I think you could keep them up for most of winter if your really wanted to. They’re great for small or big spaces.

I love these gold-bottomed trees off Etsy from WittyBash


Fitting with the brightly, Scandiavian themed decor- gnomes are a must! Last year I bought several gnome ornaments that I hung on the tree and around my home. This year I’ve added some small gnome figurines to the mix, which I found at Target.

A gnome tree trooper off Amazon.

The Tree

It’s often the centerpiece of Christmas decor and this year we finally have a full sized Christmas tree. I purchased a 6 ft tree with multi-colored lights already on it from Target. It was easy to assemble and was the perfect height and width. I think the best part is the lights are already on it. As for oranments I bought a pack of shatter-proof in the bright color scheme I have with my other decor. Along with those I also plan to incorporate sentimental oranments from my childhood and maybe some new baubles that hold special meaning to us. Our tree skirt is bright is also in theme- it has pom poms around the edge in various bright colors!

Let me know how you like to decor for the Holidays. I’d love to see how everyone else decorates for this season. Happy holidays and be safe!

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