Packing Tips

Hello everyone! I hope you are all having a good week. I know we all are starting to see some signs of things going back to normal. And I have a feeling once we can people will start taking a lot of trips. So I started to compile a list of packing tips that has helped me in the past and I will definitely be using once I can travel.

  1. Get packing cubes- they truly are the #1 thing I would reccommend getting before a trip. I always thought I knew how to pack efficiently but that has all changed now with packing cubes. I got mine off Amazon and have linked them. They help keep things rolled/folded and in one place, which keeps things organized. And I love that!
  2. Get a good toilet tree/makeup bag- I have had many of these bags in my lifetime and think I finally found one that can hold all my sh*t when I travel. It doesn’t take up a lot of space in my suitcase and has tons of pockets for organizing. This was a gift from a family member and it is by a company called Lug. Their whole concept is redesigning luggage to have a fun, functioncal design. I love how narrow the bag is but still has tons of pockets and space for all my travel necessities. Normally I would have stuffed a makeup bag or used more than one pouch to fit all my products. This definitely helps me better oragnize my suitcase and keep everything contained.
  3. Have a stash of travel stuff at your disposal. I know its easy to run to Target when ever you need travel size stuff, but personally I would rather not have to make another stop before a trip. I always keep my stash stocked and ready to go. It helps reduce my pre-travel stress.
  4. Pack outfits that easily mix and match- I always try to pack outfit options that can go with mutiple pieces. It helps you more efficiently pack and have multiple options for outfits. I have even tried on the outfits before packing and created a list of options for my trip. It may be slightly neurotic but it helps you feel prepared and spend less time finding an outift.
  5. Create a packing list- Without a doubt make a list of what you need to pack, pick up, or wash before your trip. This helps reduce a lot of stress and hopefully not forget anything.

Let me know if you have any tips for packing. I’d love to hear them! Hope everyone is healthy and safe!

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