What’s in my pantry:

I find I can make many different recipes with this list of goodies. From chicken parmesan to spicy honey chicken. This list gives me endless options to create exciting dishes. I’ll start sharing recipes using these ingredients, but I always think its’ nice to have a base of what to buy first.

  • Chicken broth
  • Flour
  • Sugar
  • Brown sugar
  • Corn starch
  • Eggs
  • Breadcrumbs
  • Chicken
  • Ground beef
  • Rice
  • Noodles
  • Ramen (I usually just use the noodles in the pack)
  • Chopped garlic- I either buy the jar you can get or the package of frozen minced garlic cubes, helps speed up the cooking process.
  • Soy sauce (low in sodium usually)
  • An array of condiments:
    • Mayo
    • Honey mustard
    • Regular mustard
    • Dijon mustard
    • Ketchup
    • BBQ sauce
  • Tomato sauce
    • Canned tomato sauce
    • Spaghetti sauce
  • Diced tomatoes
  • Black beans
  • Cream of chicken soup
  • Almond milk
  • Heavy cream
  • Frozen veggies
  • Frozen fruit
  • Oatmeal
  • Honey
  • Olive oil
  • Spices:
    • Salt
    • Pepper
    • Red pepper flakes
    • Ground ginger
    • Cayenne pepper
    • Paprika
    • Cumin
    • Turmeric
    • Basil
    • Thyme
    • Garlic salt
    • Garlic powder
    • Oregano
    • Chili powder 

Let me know what you staples you keep in your pantry.

Packing Tips

Hello everyone! I hope you are all having a good week. I know we all are starting to see some signs of things going back to normal. And I have a feeling once we can people will start taking a lot of trips. So I started to compile a list of packing tips that has helped me in the past and I will definitely be using once I can travel.

  1. Get packing cubes- they truly are the #1 thing I would reccommend getting before a trip. I always thought I knew how to pack efficiently but that has all changed now with packing cubes. I got mine off Amazon and have linked them. They help keep things rolled/folded and in one place, which keeps things organized. And I love that!
  2. Get a good toilet tree/makeup bag- I have had many of these bags in my lifetime and think I finally found one that can hold all my sh*t when I travel. It doesn’t take up a lot of space in my suitcase and has tons of pockets for organizing. This was a gift from a family member and it is by a company called Lug. Their whole concept is redesigning luggage to have a fun, functioncal design. I love how narrow the bag is but still has tons of pockets and space for all my travel necessities. Normally I would have stuffed a makeup bag or used more than one pouch to fit all my products. This definitely helps me better oragnize my suitcase and keep everything contained.
  3. Have a stash of travel stuff at your disposal. I know its easy to run to Target when ever you need travel size stuff, but personally I would rather not have to make another stop before a trip. I always keep my stash stocked and ready to go. It helps reduce my pre-travel stress.
  4. Pack outfits that easily mix and match- I always try to pack outfit options that can go with mutiple pieces. It helps you more efficiently pack and have multiple options for outfits. I have even tried on the outfits before packing and created a list of options for my trip. It may be slightly neurotic but it helps you feel prepared and spend less time finding an outift.
  5. Create a packing list- Without a doubt make a list of what you need to pack, pick up, or wash before your trip. This helps reduce a lot of stress and hopefully not forget anything.

Let me know if you have any tips for packing. I’d love to hear them! Hope everyone is healthy and safe!

Decluttering your Clutter

First post of 2021! A little delayed but I took the first two months of the new year to focus on some things that needed attention. I really wanted to work on some projects at home. One big project was a big declutter! After being in my current place for almost a year now I feel like I have the feel of the home finally. And I’ve made some changes to my intial design of it all.

The one big change included new dressers. We originally had two Hemnes dressers from Ikea. They matched and held a lot of clothes which was great. But once we moved into this place we realized they were too large. They’re very tall dressers and depth wise very wide. They took up way to much space. We hunted around and found one dresser from Wayfair and another we found second-hand. We wanted more of a mid-century look.

Once we got the dressers in we realized we had too many clothes and a lot of it we were not wearing. So the declutter started. This quaratine I really feel like I have mastered the art of decluttering. I never realized how much stuff I have that I don’t need or truly love.

Below are my tips that have really helped me with decluttering and I hope they help you too!

  1. Watch shows dedicated to decluttering. It will set the mood and inspire you to get rid of things. Marie Kondo is favorite of mine, but there are so many others. I think this totally helps me and I find I purge a lot more when I watch these shows beforehand. It inspires you to get rid of things you truly do not need.
  2. Pick which area you want to focus on first. Don’t do it all at once. It will create a disaster and you will not be happy. I have overwhelmed myself by trying do purge my clothes and the kitchen at the same time, so I always pick one area to focus on.
  3. Sort through it all and ask “Does it spark joy?” I really think this is a great question to ask yourself. It is a simple question to ask but it does make you think if you need to keep the item or not.
  4. Once you’ve decided what to get rid of start organizing what you’re keeping. If you need help figuring out how to organize I highly recommend the show “Get Organized with The Home Edit”. This show gives you simple ways to organize your stuff that work. These ladies have great tips!
  5. I always try to declutter, organize, and put things away all on the same day. That way I don’t lose my steam. Sometimes we can get so overwhelmed by the whole process of decluttering we stop before putting everything away. But I promise you will feel so much better once the whole task is complete.

Let me know if you have any tips for decluttering!

Local Holiday Gift Guide

Instead of doing a traditional gift guide, I thought I’d share my local shops I will shopping this year. I think it is so important to shop local this year. Local shops are struggling, but shopping local for the holiday’s this year can really make a difference. Think I can use the word local one more time?

If you have any kids you need to shop for this year I highly recommend Ruckus and Glee. I wish this toy store had been around when I was a kid. It has toys for all ages and every price point. I easily find the perfect gifts when I go there and the staff is beyond helpful. They always have great suggestions and make sure you’re able to find the best gift. Shop in store in Wauwatosa or online this holiday season.

A great way to support your local restaurants and give the foodie in your life a perfect gift is a gift card to their favorite restaurant this year. Restaurants have been hit hard this year and a gift card is a great option to support them. Many also usually have a deal if you buy a certain amount you get a gift card for free, which can be a nice little treat for yourself.

The Sparrow Collective is another spot I like to hit for gifts this time of year. This store features tons of independent artisans who create beautiful home goods, handcrafted tees, jewelry, and art. Much of the work featured is inspired locally by the Milwaukee area. Located in Bayview, you can also shop online this season.

Another great spot to check out is Mod Gen, located in Milwaukee’s Historic Third Ward. A take on a classic general store- they feature both local and afar products. And these can range from a handmade bar of soap to a beautiful houseplant. You’ll definitely be able to find something for everyone on your list. You can shop online or in stores this holiday season.

And that rounds out my local holiday gift guide. Let me know any other spots you’ll be shopping this season. Hope everyone has a safe holiday season!

Christmas Decor

Hello all! Can’t believe it’s almost that time of year again. With Christmas less than 40 days away I have been getting my Christmas decorations in order. I bought quite a few pieces last year and plan to use them all again. But having a bigger place now I bought a few more items to help get the new place in the festive spirit.

Bright colors

My Christmas color scheme is less traditional. I enjoy a brighter pallete which includes more than just red and green. This whole whole pallete came about last year when I was at AtHome. They had a holiday collection called “Festive Folk” which I absolutely fell in love with. The collection was influenced by Scandinavian Christmas decor. This style influenced me to use plenty of playful colors. Textures such as wool, yarn, and felt are often included in Scandiavian Christmas decor. I have pom-pom yarn garland, along with yarn tassels I hang arounf my home. It truly adds a lot of brightness we would normally not have in our decor.

Bottle Brush Trees

I also keep my decor fairly simply, since everything is so brightly colored. My main source of decoration is bottle brush trees. And they seemed to have stayed for this year’s holiday decor. I can find them almost every place I look. I have an assortment in size and color. And I think you could keep them up for most of winter if your really wanted to. They’re great for small or big spaces.

I love these gold-bottomed trees off Etsy from WittyBash


Fitting with the brightly, Scandiavian themed decor- gnomes are a must! Last year I bought several gnome ornaments that I hung on the tree and around my home. This year I’ve added some small gnome figurines to the mix, which I found at Target.

A gnome tree trooper off Amazon.

The Tree

It’s often the centerpiece of Christmas decor and this year we finally have a full sized Christmas tree. I purchased a 6 ft tree with multi-colored lights already on it from Target. It was easy to assemble and was the perfect height and width. I think the best part is the lights are already on it. As for oranments I bought a pack of shatter-proof in the bright color scheme I have with my other decor. Along with those I also plan to incorporate sentimental oranments from my childhood and maybe some new baubles that hold special meaning to us. Our tree skirt is bright is also in theme- it has pom poms around the edge in various bright colors!

Let me know how you like to decor for the Holidays. I’d love to see how everyone else decorates for this season. Happy holidays and be safe!

Halloween Decor

I started decorating the inside of my home for Halloween in September. And no, that is not to early. I love Halloween, it’s my favorite holiday next to Christmas. And I have always wanted to decorate my whole home for it. My mom had decorations for every season and holiday, but for Halloween she would simply fill our home with pumpkins. I always wanted to take it up a notch. And this year I finally feel like I have in my own home.

The Witches Liar:

My dining room is decked out with potion bottles and “flying” brooms and witch’s hat. I have a potion’s and spell’s book. Skulls displayed throughout and a “haunted” candle stick. Most of these decorations are from Michael’s but I did score some of those $1 potion bottles from Target’s Bullseye section. I love those things! Such an easy and affordable way to decorate and they don’t take up too much space. I also used spiderweb to a create an even spookier vibe fit for any witch.

Boris and his friends:

My living room is where Boris and his friends hang. Boris is a spider by the way. He famously has a song written after him. His webs are spun throughout our living room and he hangs with his friend Inky, the Raven. Inky is perched atop our bookcase watching over us as we dive into all the horror films we can. Along with these mysterious creatures are our friendly bats bursting from their cave.

This was such a fun way to celebrate Halloween this year. It brought a lot of the spooky elements we would normally get from a haunted house to our own home. Next year I’m hoping to really nail the outdoor decorations too. I only put our some tombstones and skeletons this year. Maybe I’ll create a whole graveyard next year? Complete with a coffin.

Hope everyone has a safe and happy Halloween from me and our headless butcher!

Happy Halloween from our very own headless butcher!

Fall Must Haves

The air is crisp and the leaves are hinting at a change… must be fall. Fall is is my favorite season for many reasons but the big two are the fashion and Halloween. The fashion is a perfect mix cozy and chic! And Halloween is my #1 holiday, I live for the decorations, costumes, and scary movies. So with the weather starting to change I thought I would round-up my fall favorites!

  1. Voesh Pedicure in a Box Duo – Pumpkin Spice: I will share an unpopular opinion, I do not like, actually I loathe, pumpkin spice lattes. Sorry if you love them, but not my thing. But pumpkin spice scent, I can get behind that. And this Voesh Pedicure in a Box is perfect! I tried it, just this week and it was easy to follow and really helped revive my feet. I think it’s a great option if you don’t feel comfortable or can’t go to a salon yet. It really makes a difference.
  2. This next one is the perfect pairing with the Pedicure in the Box, the Conair Foot Spa. This foot spa offers a soothing vibration massage while keeping the water warm. I recommend putting in warm water to begin with because it won’t heat the water up that much, but it does keep it nice and toasty. The vibration level is perfect to soothe your aching feet.
  3. Next I always have a moisturizing face mask for this season. My skin gets really dry when the seasons change and I need to apply a moisturizing mask multiple times a week. I love Clinique’s Moisture Surge Overnight mask. It does a great job at hydrating my skin without making it oily. It’s a thick mask that blends into the skin, giving it a much needed drink of moisture!
  4. I’ve recently been playing with the Versed Day Dissolve Cleansing Balm. It contains eucalyptus oil and vitamin E, which helps soothe the face will easily dissolving your makeup. In the past few months I have stopped using cotton balls/pads with makeup remove. It’s too harsh on my skin. But this cleansing balm definitely does the trick for taking the day’s face off.
  5. And to round out my Fall favorites I have to talk about the best leggings ever. Aerie’s Offline Real Me High Waisted Leggings. I have multiple pairs of these and they are some of the comfiest leggings I own. They don’t get pills like other leggings and the black color stays black. They also have enough stretch, but don’t stretch out.

And thats my top 5 Fall favorites. Let me know what you all are loving this Fall. I’d love to add to my Fall favorites this year and try out some new products! Hope everyone is staying safe!

1 Year Later…

I cannot believe its been 1 year since I started my GoodLandKitty blog. The time has flown by, but also seemed like forever. Over the last 6 months my blog has taken a backseat to everything going on in my life. Between quarantine, moving, and trying to setup and enjoy our new place, I just did not seem to find the time to write. But now I’m looking forward to getting back into the swing of posting weekly and can’t wait to share all the ideas that have been buzzing around in my head.

One way I have stayed busy creatively, was doing the #31daysofoutfits over on my Instagram (@Good_Land_Kitty). I wanted to challenge myself to wear more of my clothes, especially during quarantine. I had been living (like most people I think) in my sweats. And as August approached I thought “I have all these cute,summer clothes I haven’t worn, and before you know it, it’s gonna be snowing”. Getting up everyday and picking out an outfit was something I had not done in months, because I did not need to. While this was nice at times, I think it also affected my productivity. I was staying in my pj’s most of the morning and only changing into sweats when I needed to feel a bit more put together. I missed picking out outfits. That was always my daily creative outlet and I realized I needed it back in my life. At times it was hard to style an outfit since I was not leaving the house, but I think that challenge pushed me to be even more creative.

I invested in some “fancy” activewear that felt more like clothes instead of sweats, but were just as comfy. This Adidas Originals skirt has become a new favorite of mine. I can dress it up or down, and it’s super comfy to wear while working from home.

Tie Dye also became a staple in my wardrobe. And became a fun project to reinvent old clothes I wasn’t wearing anymore.

Hanes white crewneck I dyed pink.

I also rediscovered my love of cheetah print. And have become obsessed with finding anything I can in cheetah print.

Definitely going to wear this all year-round. Shirt is from Zara.

But by far my new favorite thing I bought this summer, was this pink maxi dress from Zara. I wore it any chance I could for big events. The dress is a beaufitful bold, pink that comes to my ankles. It has thin straps that criss-cross in the back, with a straight across neckline. And it even has pockets! It truly is the perfect pink dress.

Now, with summer coming to a close, I’m looking forward to Fall fashion. I have a sweater obsession. I would say my favorite sweater style currently is a cropped cardigan. And I am on the hunt for some colorful ones to add to my collection. Like in violet or magenta. I am also trying to track down a sweater vest. No, not a nerdy sweater vest, but one that is a bit flowy and a good layer to add to an oversized button-down. I’m also excited that leather is still very in. I bought a pair of faux-leather joggers last year and they are the best thing for a cold day. Fall is probably my favorite season to dress for.

Thank you to all my followers who have been here over this last year. I hope everyone is doing well and is safe! I know times have been tough and very strange but hopefully we can all make it through this.

How to find the Right Bra

I have recently found that most of my bras I currently own…I love wearing. Weird, right? And it got me thinking why do I love these bras? Why do they fit properply? And what made me buy them? So I thought I would share my bra-buying journey.

First thing, I asked to be measured, which is recommended every 6 months. And to tell you the truth my correct size was not what I thought I was. I always like to be measured before buying a bra, but it had been over a year. Many places offer measuing: Aerie, Victoria Secrets, and Nordstrom. And I know some people may find it awkward to have yourself measured, but in all honestly it takes 2 seconds. They measure you over your shirt and take 2 measurements: band and bust. The band measurement is just above your bust, right about where the straps meet the top of the cup. The bust measurement is at the fullest part of your bust.

Next, I took the time to try on multiple different styles of bras. Now most people may do this, but for me I am a creature of habit. I will buy the same thing if I like it and that is especially true for bras. But this time when I was looking the salesperson brought me a few other options and it got me thinking maybe my bra style choice was not the best for me? My advice is try as many different styles as you can because some days one style feels better than others.

Next, understand what your “sister size” is. This is something new to me and is very valuable to know. Sister sizes are groups of bra-size equivalents that are related by cup volume. And since everyone has varying breast shape, band size and cup size, that rarely means you fit one exact size. Understanding what sizes are equivalent for you can help you find a better fitting bra.

Finally, I also talked to my friends about what brassieres they were wearing. And that gave me some new options to try out. I discovered Savage by Fenty makes great bras. And I love the inclusivity of the brand. I recommend asking your friends what they are wearing. And to research other brands and see what is out there. There are so many options and for all body types now, that I think anyone should be able to find the perfect bra.

Other advice I have for your undergarment journey:

Replace your bras every 6 months, I know its annoying and pricey but it makes the world a difference.

Wash them in a bag on delicate and don’t dry them- makes them hold their shape and last longer.

Hook your bra together when washing – that way it doesn’t get tangled and all stretched out.

I hope this post helps you enjoy the bra buying process a bit more. Throughout the post are some helpful links to a better bra shopping experience. And let me know if you have any other advice!

Quarantine Date Ideas

During this weird time, we’re all trying to adjust. And that means adjusting how you normally do dates! If you’re quarantined with your significant other, setting aside the time to still have date night (or day) is important. It helps create a sense of normal and gives you something to look forward to.

So I thought I would share what me and my significant other are doing for date nights during quarantine.

  1. Cook a favorite meal together- pick something you both love to love to eat. This can be a fun evening making a meal together and great quality time too!
  2. Watch a favorite or new show together and make it the coziest spot in town. We started watching Hanninal (we both love the movie Silence of the Lambs) and we watch maybe 1 or 2 episodes on certain days of the week. It gives us something to look forward to and lets us spend some quality time together.
  3. Pick a movie series to watch and only watch it on certain nights. Get all the supplies you need like blankets, snacks, and drinks. Put down the phone and cuddle up on the couch to watch the movie. Pretend like you’re in your own private movie theater. Currently we are watching all the Marvel movies in chronological order and it has been something to look forward to during the week!
  4. Order from your favorite takeout spot– this is a great way to support your favorite local spots and also create a date night at home! We’ve done this a few times and it always is a nice date!
  5. Have brunch together! We have been taking advantage of this while we’re both at home. Normally we can’t do brunch together because of our work schedules, but now we can. We’ve been cooking brunch ourselves, but you can also order from your favorite breakfast spot. Dedicate and hour or two for this one morning and enjoy!

Some pics from our date ideas are below! We made butternut squash risotto with poached eggs (a favorite meal of ours) and my avocado toast I shared a weeks ago for brunch one day!

I hope these ideas give you some inspiration for date night! And let me know if you have any other ideas too!

Kitty’s Avocado Toast

1 piece of whole wheat bread

1/2 half of avocado mashed up

1 tablespoon of crumbles of goat cheese

1 egg (I like mine fried over medium)

However many dashes of hot sauce (I like Cholula)

Salt and pepper

Hope you enjoy!