Packing Tips

Hello everyone! I hope you are all having a good week. I know we all are starting to see some signs of things going back to normal. And I have a feeling once we can people will start taking a lot of trips. So I started to compile a list of packing tips that has helped me in the past and I will definitely be using once I can travel.

  1. Get packing cubes- they truly are the #1 thing I would reccommend getting before a trip. I always thought I knew how to pack efficiently but that has all changed now with packing cubes. I got mine off Amazon and have linked them. They help keep things rolled/folded and in one place, which keeps things organized. And I love that!
  2. Get a good toilet tree/makeup bag- I have had many of these bags in my lifetime and think I finally found one that can hold all my sh*t when I travel. It doesn’t take up a lot of space in my suitcase and has tons of pockets for organizing. This was a gift from a family member and it is by a company called Lug. Their whole concept is redesigning luggage to have a fun, functioncal design. I love how narrow the bag is but still has tons of pockets and space for all my travel necessities. Normally I would have stuffed a makeup bag or used more than one pouch to fit all my products. This definitely helps me better oragnize my suitcase and keep everything contained.
  3. Have a stash of travel stuff at your disposal. I know its easy to run to Target when ever you need travel size stuff, but personally I would rather not have to make another stop before a trip. I always keep my stash stocked and ready to go. It helps reduce my pre-travel stress.
  4. Pack outfits that easily mix and match- I always try to pack outfit options that can go with mutiple pieces. It helps you more efficiently pack and have multiple options for outfits. I have even tried on the outfits before packing and created a list of options for my trip. It may be slightly neurotic but it helps you feel prepared and spend less time finding an outift.
  5. Create a packing list- Without a doubt make a list of what you need to pack, pick up, or wash before your trip. This helps reduce a lot of stress and hopefully not forget anything.

Let me know if you have any tips for packing. I’d love to hear them! Hope everyone is healthy and safe!

The Art of Moving

A few weeks ago…actually back in February I wrote about my pre-moving tips. And now after finally moving into my new place I have some more tips I’d like to share. Because moving is truly an art, that I don’t think anyone has mastered.

  1. Think you have enough boxes or bins- get more, many more. You might think you have enough but you don’t, at least thats what happened to me. Now thankfully we had some overlap between places and could unpack and then reuse the boxes, but that isn’t always the case. The more boxes the merrier.
  2. Hire movers if you can afford them. I had movers for the first time this move and the definitely made the difference. And this made a big difference in the efficiency of being to move everything, especially the larger items. (Sidenote: I had to move during the pandemic and thankfully my movers were still able to come. They wore gloves and I only had them move the very large pieces. I had moved most of our small items before they arrived.)
  3. Pack a bag with all the essentials you’ll need. A friend mentioned this as a great idea and I’m glad I followed her advice. I used my travel kit I always have ready to go and made sure to pack some clothes and shoes in a bag. Then I packed up everything else and was able to find all my necessities like makeup and medicine after getting to the new place.
  4. Overlap between places can help make moving less stressful. Lucklily enough there was about 5 days of overlap between me getting the keys to my new place and moving out of the old one. It definitely reduced my stress and helped me clean both places.
  5. This is for all my pet parents- but have a plan of attack for moving your little furry friends. Moving one cat can be stressful enough but moving three is….well purrfectly awful. Haha see what I did there? Before the move we decided what day the cats were going to the new place and made a list of everything we needed to bring. I also packed things that smelled like me and knew the cats would want. A new place can seem very scary to them, but having a familiar smell can help ease the stress.

I hope you enjoyed my art of moving tips! I think for now I’m going to enjoy the new place and never move again (at least for now). Let me know if you have any tips!

Pre-moving Steps

In about a month I will be moving and for the next few weeks I will be sharing my moving journey on my blog. For my first moving post I am going to share my pre-moving steps. I start these about a month and a half to a month before my move to help ease the dreadful task of moving. I have moved quite a bit in the last 10 years so I think I have finally found a good routine.

  1. Plan how you want to move. I think this is an important first step to take before every move. Plan when you want to move, if you want to hire movers or not, and the timeframe you want to move everything in. Do you do it all in a day or over a week? Having a plan in place will ease an already stressful situation.
  2. Start saving boxes. We all order items from Amazon and instead of getting rid of those boxes, save them for the move. Also try to save any packing material that may come with these boxes, it makes it way easier to pack delicate items. If you need more boxes try getting some from your local grocery stores or even work. There’s usually boxes you can grab for the taking. And if you want to get something that might last longer than 1 move, plastic bins you can grab at Target or Walmart are also a nice option.
  3. Purge, purge, purge. I always start going through all my things and get rid of anything I am not using or don’t want to move. I think this can make it so much easier to pack. And I think it is a much better idea to do it before you start packing so you don’t feel the panic of doing it while packing.
  4. Organize while purging is another step I take the time to do. It helps me pack much more efficiently and then I can label boxes better. I usually do this about a month before I move.
  5. Then I like to start packing all my non-essential items. It makes me feel so much more prepared to move if I start packing in advance. Then towards my move date I don’t feel as rushed. I usually start packing non-essentials 3 weeks out.

I’ll share more of my moving process as the weeks go on. Let me know if you have any tips for moving? I’d love any advice for making this whole thing a lot easier.